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If your tunnel ram, roots style blower, or other dual quad manifold is the focal point of your engine bay but you want the modern performance capabilities of EFI, our 2x4 Sniper EFI systems are exactly what you need to have your cake and eat it too. Both systems are capable of supporting up to 1250 horsepower, so the only question you need to answer is whether or not forced induction is a part of your combination.

  • A combined eight 100 lb/hr injectors between the two throttle bodies supports up to 1250 horsepower for both the Sniper EFI 2x4 and the Super Sniper 2x4
  • The Super Sniper 2x4 has an integrated 2.5 Bar MAP sensor capable of handling up to 21.5 psi of boost
  • Built in Single stage progressive nitrous control
  • The Super Sniper 2x4 system has programmable target air fuel ratios & ignition timing per Boost level
  • Fits on intake manifolds with flange spacing between 6.43"-13.5" (Includes most Edelbrock Manifolds)
  • Requires an external fuel pressure regulator: P/N 12-848 up to 800 HP, 12-851 for 1000+ HP
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