Plumbing AN Fittings and Hose technical support

Earls Torque Values Chart
Speed-Seal and Speed Flex Assembly Instructions

Speed Flex Hose Assembly Instructions

B-Nut Size Identification Chart

B-Nut Size & Assembly Instructions

Oil Cooler Plumbing

Oil Cooler Plumbing Charts

Plumbing Basics

Plumbing Basics

Power Steering Hose & Hose End Assembly

Power Steering Hose Assembly Instructions

Super Stock Hose & Hose End Assembly Instructions

Super Stock Hose Assembly Instructions

Swivel Seal Hose End Assembly Instructions

Swivel-Seal Hose Assembly Instructions

Cooling Systems

Temp-A-Cure Technical Information

AN & NPT Thread Sizes Chart

Thread Size Reference Guide

Tube Mate Hose End Assembly Instructions

Tube-Mate Auto-Fit Assembly Instructions

Earls Hose End Specifications

Earls hose end reference chart.

Updated - 2011-01-01


UltraPro Stainless Steel Braided Hose Instructions


UltraPro Black Polyester Braided Hose Instructions

Crimp Settings for Crimping Machine D105M1101ERL

Crimp Settings for Crimping Machine D105M1101ERL

Automotive Plumbing Selector

Are you unsure what type of AN hose & hose ends are the best options for your automotive high-performance plumbing system? Choose the “FLUID TYPE” from the drop-down menu shown below for a listing of the recommended hose & hose ends. You can also choose the “ASSEMBLY METHOD” – if desired, or leave this at “ANY” to review all options.

Fluid Type:
Assembly Method:

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