2023 LS Fest West, Presented By eBay Motors: Registration Is Live!


2023 LS Fest West, Presented By eBay Motors: Registration Is Live!


Are you ready to shake off the wintertime funk and get back into the swing of things? Miss the sound of a racing engine, the smell of burned race fuel, and the sensation of speed? Holley's LS Fest West is returning to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a three-day weekend of fun that centers around late-model General Motors power. We're sure that you don't need a reason to come out to Las Vegas for a weekend, but just in case you needed a reason or three to push you over the edge, here's what we have cooked up for you this year:

Grand Champion Competition, Presented By Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center

2023 LSFW GC

LS Fest West's Grand Champion Competition is separated into three main classes:

  • The Vintage Class, sponsored by Rekudo: 1989 and older model years cars
  • The Late Model Class, sponsored by Three Pedals: cars 1990 and newer
  • The Truck Class, sponsored by Holley Classic Trucks: trucks of any vintage

Note: For the purpose of competition, the Chevrolet El Camino, GMC Sprint and Caballero, and any other coupe-utility style vehicle will be considered a car for competition.

Grand Champion competitors will compete in all three main events of competition - that's drag racing, autocross, and the 3S challenge - wearing the same set of DOT-approved tires throughout the whole event. Tires must have at least a 200 treadwear rating, and modifications and replacements are grounds for disqualification (except in cases of catastrophic failure). Vehicles will be checked to ensure that they are safe to compete. Competition is historically fierce, so bring your A-game!

Drag Racing, Presented By Boost District Superchargers

2023 LSFW Drag Racing

The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be the showdown point for any and all LS and LT-powered vehicles to throw down. From stock-standard pickup trucks and retired cop cars to some of the nastiest LSX combinations around, you won't want to miss the action on the dragstrip. We will be featuring the following classes:

  • Grudge/Test-N-Tune: Want to just run for fun, or need the extra laps to dial your ride in? This is the class for you. Only available to cars not competing in another class, except True Street cars on Saturday.
  • Brian Tooley Racing True Street: For fast street cars. 30-mile cruise beforehand. DOT Tires, working lights, horns, etc. are required.
  • Accelerated Racing Products and TorqStorm Rumble (Index): Door cars only! .500 Pro Tree, index format, 11 to 15-seconds. Must pass inspection for ETs. Trans brake prohibited. RENTAL CARS prohibited! Must be driven to staging and to scales after run.
  • Texas Speed and Performance Street King: Door cars only! .500 Pro Tree, index format, 11 to 15-seconds. Must pass inspection for ETs. Must be driven to staging and to scales after run.
  • Mr. Gasket Co. Late-Model Heads-Up: 2008-newer vehicles, 15-in or larger wheels, 235mm or larger width DOT-approved tire. 10.00-second ET and slower.
  • Earl's LS Truck (1/8th Mile): LS or LT-powered trucks and SUVs, 1/8th mile.
  • Monster Clutch Co. Stick Shift/Banger Class: Clutch-assisted H-pattern manual transmission required, NHRA speed/time safety rules apply. After that, prepare for battle!
  • Quick Fuel Technology 5.50 Heads-Up Index: 5.50 index, 1/8th mile, .400 Pro Tree, Pro Ladder. In the case that a pair both break out, closest to 5.50 wins as long as nobody redlights. Lane choice by either gentlemen's agreement or coin flip in all elimination rounds.

Additionally, we will be running the Holley LS Fest West Quick 16 race again. Bring your best timeslip to tech by 3:00pm on Saturday and we will pit the sixteen fastest vehicles on the property together in a chip-draw, 1/8th mile, .400 Pro Tree throwdown. It's run what ya brung, so long as it meets NHRA spec for your elapsed time. And, of course, there better be an LS or LT-based engine powering it!

For a more in-depth look at LS Fest West's Drag Racing rules, CLICK HERE

Autocross, Presented By Speedtech Performance

2023 LSFW AutoX

Autocross is a handling torture test for your vehicle. It will highlight the acceleration, handling and braking of your ride in a marked-out course that will keep your eyes, hands and feet busy from start to finish. A mix of sweepers, hairpins, chicanes, and a slalom section will demand your attention from start to finish.

For 2022 LS Fest West Autocrosss rules, CLICK HERE

Road Course Track X, Presented By Auto Revolution

LSFW22 TrackX

Want a little more speed with your cornering ability than Autocross is able to afford you? This is where the Road Course Track X at Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be your friend. Track X Combines the best elements of autocross (gates and chicanes) and the openness and speed of a road course. The LS Fest West Track X course will utilize a portion of the LVMS Road Course and each pass will be timed to (0.00.00). There is no maximum number of runs, but you will get a (:02) second penalty for every cone knocked down or moved out of its box, and you may risk a DNF for off-track incidents or exceeding the finish line stop box. Track X is also a rain or shine event!

For more information, track map, and rules, CLICK HERE

3S Challenge, Presented By Baer Brakes and ProTouring.com

LSFW22 3S Challenge

Speed, Steer, Stop. That's what makes the 3S Challenge what it is. Consider it the distilled version of autocross: drivers square off in a down-and-back style race, side-by-side. After a drag-style launch, they streak to a hairpin corner, then exit to a chicane and a slalom before coming to a halt in a stop box. It isn't enough to have huge power or brakes the size of a Cavalier's wheels. Balance is the name of the game. The suspension balance needs to be solid and the driver needs to understand how to work every aspect of their vehicle in a smooth, linear manner to make it work. And just to make sure that your skill is unmatched, you have to compete a run in both the left and right lanes for a counted run. And both runs must be clean...no cones!

For 3S Challenge rules, CLICK HERE

Drift Challenge, Presented By motoiq

LSFW22 Drift

The LS Fest Drift Challenge is unique in that it is the only engine-specific competitive drift event out there. As long as it is rear-wheel-drive, meets the safety requirements, and is powered by an LS or Gen-V LT engine, your vehicle can be eligible for one of the forty available Drift Challenge slots. With prizes from Grip Royal, Fortune Auto, and Kansei Wheels, and more, what is holding you back?

For rules, tech information, safety requirements, prize information and a link to registration form, CLICK HERE

Burnout Contest by BluePrint Engines and the Donut Pit By Sac Speed Shop

LSFW22 Burnout

Ok, you deviants, listen up. You want a place where you can let your engine sing like an operatic tenor while the rear tires are reduced to a haze? Do you want a space where you can go absolutely unhinged without risking the crowd or the cops? We've got you covered, not once, but twice.

  • Blueprint Engines Burnout Contest - This is a full-on Australian-style burnout contest. Tip-ins, donuts, power drifting, whatever you need to do to turn your tires into a mess of shredded rubber and steel cords in one minute is on the table. You must register for the Burnout Contest when you register for LS Fest West 2022.
  • Sac Speed Shop Donut Pit - For the truly unhinged among you, the Donut Pit is the place. Whether you are going for broke in the pit or are enjoying the show from the sidelines, if you want to see the meeting point between skill, power and lunacy, look no further.

For Burnout Contest Rules and Information, CLICK HERE

For Donut Pit information and pre-registration, CLICK HERE

Dirt Destruction, Presented By ADS Racing Shocks and Flowmaster

LSFW22 Dirt Destruction

Las Vegas Motor Speedway's dirt course becomes the home to pre-runners, off-road racing vehicles, and drivers who have no problem sending it over the jumps that await them. When these shredders aren't showcasing their suspension travel on the track, you can find them parked up at the Dirt Town off-road pits, where you can see just what it takes to make these rigs survive what you'll see them doing during LS Fest West. Be sure to follow the official schedule to that you don't miss the chance to see these drivers in action!

If you have an off-road capable rig and want to put it to the test, you can register by CLICKING HERE

LS Fest West 2023 Dyno Challenge

LSFW22 Dyno Challenge

LS Fest West brings in a whole host of high-powered vehicles that crank out solid numbers. At least, that's what every owner is going to tell you. But we'll let you in on a little secret...we will have a portable dyno on-hand at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that can easily put the horsepower guessing game to rest. Want to claim your crown as the baddest of the bad? Want to get your buddy to finally put up or shut up? Any registered LS Fest participant can sign up for their turn on the chassis dyno. Positions are first-come, first-serve, so the sooner you sign up, the better. And if you post in the top three in either the Power Adder class or naturally aspirated, you will be taking home prizes!

Car Show, Presented By LS1Tech.com and Hooker BlackHeart

LSFW22 Car Show

LS Fest West is a great place to show up and show off. What better feeling can there be than cruising your custom machine through Las Vegas before parking up with thousands of people who all love their machines as you do yours? For 2023, Holley is curating a celebrity panel composed of industry professionals, influencers, and content creators who will be responsible for assigning car show awards. Each individual will be assigned a class specific to their focus, and the Holley crew will be picking their favorites as well.

Car Show Classes for LS Fest West 2023

Street RodDomestic cars, pre-1949
Classic CustomsDomestic cars, 1949-1963
Muscle CarDomestic cars, 1964-1974
Street MachineDomestic cars, 1975-1995
Late ModelDomestic cars, 1996-current
Non-DomesticAll imports, all years
Classic TruckPre-1974
Muscle Truck1975-1995
Late Model Truck1996-current
LowriderAll years
"Just Because"Any non-car, non-truck powered by an LS or Gen-V LT engine
Under ConstructionAny unfinished LS or Gen-V LT powered project vehicle

In addition to the above classes and the 2023 LS Fest West Best of Show pick, there will be special classes that will be announced on-site, including Best Paint, Best Engineered, Best Engine, Sponsor's Pick, and Holley President's Pick. So be sure to hop onto one of the Wynrock Speed Shop trams that will be running all three days and swing through the car show area!

Care To Join Us?

Don't delay! April will be here before you know it and you don't want to be the one left out of all the fun!

CLICK HERE to register for Holley's LS Fest West 2023

CLICK HERE for Spectator tickets


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