Holley EFI Releases Awesome New Adapter Harnesses!

Author: Skylar Drake | 02/02/2020 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley EFI prides itself in making aftermarket fuel injection simple, that's why they continue to push out new accessories to make your next install a breeze! Read on to learn more about their new MAP sensor adapters, hall-effect distributor adapter and Milspec Ev1 injector harness!

MAP Sensor Adapters

These two new MAP sensor adapters allow you to upgrade your existing main harness to a stainless steel MAP sensor. Part #558-466 converts the Weatherpack 3-pin connector to a Delphi GT 3-pin connector (like used with our 5-BAR MAP sensor #554-108). Likewise, #558-467 adapts a Delphi M/P 150 Connector (commonly found on GM LS Engine harnesses) over to the GT connector. Featuring genuine OEM connectors, these harnesses are pre-terminated and loomed with Techflex F6 to withstand engine bay dirt and grime. The plug and play connection makes this the perfect upgrade to your existing Holley EFI system without the hassle of de-pinning connectors and creating potential crimp failure points.

Hyperspark Ignition Adapter

Now you can utilize Sniper EFI's popular Hyperspark distributor with other systems! This ignition adapter will allow you to connect any Hyperspark hall-effect distributor to a Holley EFI main harness, making them a perfect crank sensor pickup for HP, Dominator and Terminator X systems. Constructed using the same high quality wire and Techflex F6 wiring loom as our main harnesses, this adapter will look great when retrofitting an existing installation! Customers will now be able to run a timed sequential fuel strategy with their universal Terminator X multi-port system such as Part #550-936.

MILSPEC EV1 Injector Harness

The HolleySport EV1 Milspec injector harness utilizes Raychem DR-25 heatshrink tubing and transitions, providing protection from extreme temperatures and external contaminations that frequently cause reliability issues. The injector connectors and pins are Bosch Motorsports pieces featuring double spring contacts and sealed boots. If you're looking for an injector harness to survive the harshest environments, Holley EFI has you covered! The injector harness is designed and labeled for conventional 1-3-5-7 and 2-4-6-8 cylinder layouts (Small, Big Block, LS Chevrolet and many others). Additionally, this injector harnesses includes a mating 10-Pin Deutsch connector and pins, allowing you to easily upgrade any wiring harness that utilizes EV1 injectors.
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