Holley High Voltage Experience 2022 Presented by eBay Motors


Holley High Voltage Experience 2022 Presented by eBay Motors


The second annual Holley High Voltage Experience presented by eBay Motors has once again arrived in beautiful Sonoma, California. High Voltage Experience offers a different flare than the bevy of other Holley events, giving special cadence to the rapidly growing electric vehicle segment.

EVs are bringing a new generation of gearheads into the performance, motorsports, and automotive customization space and High Voltage offers that unique community a place to gather, experience their car’s adrenaline-inducing potential in a safe, racetrack environment, and enjoy a unique gathering of EVs from multiple brands, build styles, and even some wild, home-brewed creations. It's truly a one-of-a-kind of kind event for a rapidly growing segment of the auto industry.

So if you have an EV, want to learn more about them, or simply enjoy the kinship of like-minded automotive enthusiasts, join us for the weekend at Sonoma Raceway (July 9-10). We will be posting updates, results, and coverage throughout the weekend.

Scroll below for event galleries, coverage, features, and results coming soon.

Winners and Results

Holley High Voltage Experience 2022 is in the books! Our electric vehicle get-together, sponsored by eBay Motors, returned to the absolutely gorgeous Sonoma Raceway in California and brought out everything from turn-key stock Teslas to some of the most radical electric vehicle builds we have seen to date. Don't believe us? We saw one vehicle run an 11.2 in the quarter with a trap speed over 150 MPH while all four tires were spinning halfway down the track, only to come back for a low-nine-second pass with a perfect dead-hook launch. We saw seemingly innocent-looking Model 3s absolutely destroy the autocross. We saw a Cadillac convertible that was just begging to be driven down a winding road lined with vineyards at sunset. We saw friends from the first High Voltage Experience return and we saw first-timers on the property who were surrounded by like-minded individuals, all of whom are attracted to EV technology for one reason or another...be it for the performance gains, the engineering involved in electric vehicle technology, or the simple satisfaction of no longer being forced to have a meet-and-greet with a fuel pump for transportation needs. Spectators and participants spent a relaxing weekend soaking in the California sun and enjoying all that High Voltage Experience had to offer them. Holley would like to thank everyone who came out to High Voltage Experience 2022, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Nitto Tire Drag Racing

Holley High Voltage Experience presented by eBay Motors is in full swing and the drag strip is open. Tires are smoking, wheels are lifting, and motors are being turned up to 11. And yet, all is quiet. Witnessing an onslaught of sub-11-second quartermile passes, and even some wild 7- and 8-second passes from the world's fastest EV dragster, with barely any noise is an experience to behold. The field this year is faster than ever and there were some Rivian and Lucid vehicles that definitely raised eyebrows with their impressively low ETs.

Revolting Performance Autocross

The autocross at Holley High Voltage Experience 2022 is a popular gateway for EV owners to learn the limits of their vehicles in a controlled situation. Situated on the autocross course behind Sonoma Raceway's front straight grandstands, the autocross course gives any vehicle the chance to come out and see what they are made of. Whether they are putting the absolutely ballistic acceleration of their Tesla to the test or are testing out a track-only build, the autocross clock is the only real competition. Just mind the poor, innocent cones!

Forgeline Road Course Experience

Holley High Voltage Experience 2022 gave many EV owners their first crack at performance driving on a road course. For others it was a welcome opportunity to continue honing their cornering craft. Better still, it was was an opportunity to drive on Sonoma Raceway's hallowed track. Those drivers that jumped at the opportunity found themselves slinging through the twisties, blasting down the straights, and having an overall great time exploring their car's on-track capabilities.

Drifting And Exhibition

Holley High Voltage Experience has something for everyone and drift enthusiasts were certainly not left out. The all-electric Napoleon Motorsports Camaro EL1 put on a smoky show for spectators with Formula Drift driver Travis Reeder at the wheel. With the instant torque electric motors offer, demonstrations of drifting talent like this beg the question of when more of the Formula D field will explore electric drivetrain options.

Lily of @lilyraces brought her Tesla Model 3 to Holley High Voltage and was tearing it up on track in the intermediate class.

Shane Rolph from Conductive Classics in Boise, Idaho, brought the company’s 1958 Apache, its first EV conversion. It was built just in time for last year’s High Voltage show. You can find a feature on the truck here. Click the image to read more about the build.

Saturday's action featured a car show, front and center, highlighting custom builds, hyper-polished paint, and creative wraps. On every corner of Sonoma Raceway EVs can be seen–and not heard– ripping around the road course, carving corners around the autocross track, and blasting down the dragstrip. The vendors midway is packed with cutting-edge technology, booth cars, and some seriously cool EV performance parts.

For some the motorsports events are an opportunity to test the limits of their cars in a safe and educational environment. For others, it was a chance to prove outright, behind-the-wheel supremacy. The weekend will feature a Grand Champion competition that pits the fastest accelerating cars on the drag strip with those that corner and stop the best on the autocross and 3S Challenge.

An Acura NSX might not be the first candidate for an EV conversion that comes to mind. The well-balanced supercars have a rabid fanbase and are highly collectible. None of that was a deterrent for Geoff Budd of Redwood City, California, who recently began a Tesla drivetrain swap on a well-used 1994 model. He bought the car on the east coast, sight unseen, without an engine. Its original V6 was long gone, replaced first by a Honda K-series four-cylinder, and the chassis had racked up more than 200,000 miles. If there was any NSX that was a perfect EV conversion candidate, it was this one. Still, Geoff was conscious that purists would balk at altering an NSX.

Legacy EV's 1966 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

Conductive Classics' 1964 Ford "Galax-E"

Nikolay Misharev's 1973 VW Thing

Keith Silva's 1983 Chevrolet S-10


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