MSD Pro 600 CDI 8 Channel Ignition

By: Ray Frescas | 09/17/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Introducing MSD’s new PRO 600 CDI 8-channel capacitive discharge ignition. Designed for coil-near-plug engine management systems such as Holley EFI, GM LS platforms, and most other EFI systems, the PRO 600 is even capable of easily converting any distributor type ignition into a coil-near-plug system.

When your making extreme cylinder pressure with nitrous or boost on an inductive coil per plug ignition, lack of spark energy means you're leaving horsepower on the table. To answer this need, the ignition experts at MSD developed the PRO 600 CDI to provide unrivaled spark energy and dependability.

Getting its name from the massive 600 millijoules of stored energy, the PRO 600 is capable of continuous duty operation without risk of failure. Using high-efficiency alternating current for power delivery means the PRO 600 pulls less amperage from the battery and charging system- while allowing the ignition and coils to run cool.  

The PRO 600 has built-in protection for accidental reverse battery connection, over temperature protection, and LED diagnostics can identify an issue with individual coils should a problem arise. A programmable power setting allows racers to switch between a user adjustable 250 to 400 millijoule output, or the industry-leading output of 680 millijoules via an activation wire or software - making the PRO 600 ideal for Drag Week style cars. Turn it down for the long haul, and then set it to kill mode at the strip.

Additionally, the PRO 600 is plug and play with Holley EFI, MSD’s Power Grid, and the Davis Profiler. With 5V and 12V drivers, the PRO 600 is compatible with most aftermarket EFI systems in the market - including four and six-cylinder applications.

Racers making big power with coil-per-plug EFI systems now have a superior, reliable multi-channel CD ignition to keep all the holes lit. Check out MSD part number 8000 for more information on the Pro 600 CDI ignition, or part number 8000-8 for a kit complete with the Pro 600 CDI and 8 of our 8232 single tower ignition coils. Make sure you have the advantage over the competition and get maximum spark energy, maximum reliability, with MSD’s Pro 600 CDI. Get more information on MSD’s race proven products MSD

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