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The Resurrection of the Black Widow

By: Braiden 12/22/2020

My dad bought this car in 1983 and drove it until 1988 when he started having cooling issues. He tried to work on it but got married and had me in 1995. In 2002, when I was 7 years old, he sold it to pay for my medical bills. I had 3 life threatening diseases when I was young. He sold the car to a lady that collected them. 13 years later, I was finally able to track her down and offered to buy it back from her. She told me that it had sat the entire time without any work done and that if I wanted it I could just have it.

a week later I took my dad to go “see the car” where I announced to him that it was mine now and we could rebuild it together as it was his dream car. I’m hoping to have it restored in time for my wedding next year and work on it as much as time and money allow.

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