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Upgrades coming

By: SteveTX 01/06/2021

Well right before Christmas I had already acquired a 9" Ford rear end. I had the housing blasted clean and painted a quick coat of primer and black paint. I already have some slotted and drilled rotors and plan to narrow the rear adding disc brakes.

Then for Christmas my daughter got me a new digital dash that I had been eying. This should really help clean up more wiring and get everything where it reads accurately. I had originally wanted to stay all original dash. But my engine makes to much oil pressure for the factory gauge. The fuel gauge had just recently went out. And the factory speedometer was way off. We got the Artic White color gauges but I have a plan to do a little modifying.


And last for the mods coming is a pretty awesome FiTech Go EFI 8 1200 HP (Power Adder Plus) System. I am quite excited about all of it but the many options the FiTech software gives me will be a tremendous help along with the advantages of EFI drivability. Not to mention the options it opens up for a Blower or a Turbo if I desire at a later date.


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