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The Road to Progress

By: Greg 08/17/2019

In 1997 even though she had been stored for six years she went from Mom’s daily driver to my Saturday Night Special. I was cleaning up the Mustangs on the local streets and one night I ran into a Cobra that cleaned my clock. Not long after that I put my ZZ4 motor in and the evolution has never stopped. This car has been street raced, auto-crossed, drag raced, and shown...this car was built to do all of them well and still is a good street car as well. I made sure to keep it on the road while building it...never down more than two months at a time except when it was painted it was down for four months. I built the whole car in my garage doing all the work myself except for the paint. Although I’m often reminded by others a 77 Corvette is nothing special this 77 Corvette is very special to me. She’s not a garage queen but always has a spot in my garage.

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