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Tailgate supports and latches

By: Andrew 08/20/2019

Since my tailgate is custom built, I needed to come up with a way to latch it and support it when open. If you've followed any of my build, you may have noticed that I either make my parts or repurpose parts from other cars. To latch my tailgate I used seat belt buckles. The particular buckles that I used were found in Fords. The supports were made from some scrap stainless that I had laying around the shop. I mocked the supports out of wood to determine position of the tailgate when open and then cut the stainless to match. Some cutting, welding, a few stainless bolts and a lot of polishing.C622AC33-12BE-451F-8455-9347C0068137.jpgC64CE0A0-9834-4F20-97D6-8EFA1A11B201.jpg69C22E94-9273-4FC2-9BCF-A412D6DC7E7D.jpg4B1EA86F-4E67-46B3-AC9A-1F6B3EE0CA2E.JPGC269D73F-4461-4DF1-9879-40B41B2DFB6C.jpg

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