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Story of The Beast

By: HotRodTroy 08/23/2019

When I bought this truck it was a hollow cab and a bare frame. I saw the finished project in my head.... My wife did not. My first vehicle was a 73 Chevy Stepside that I started building with my Dad when I was 15. It was chopped & lowered, and I sold it like an idiot. It got totaled on the buyers way home..... So I knew I was gonna build a tribute truck. The Beast was built 100% by myself in a 2 car attached garage. I turned every bolt, screw, nut, put the bed on, the hood, the top, did the bodywork. Built the engine. (Bought the trans, but I installed & adjusted it), put the rear end together, suspension, EVERYTHING. I even did the interior. This things a blast to drive, and it eats new Camaros & !#!%! new Mustangs !!!

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