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A Little mishap

By: Randy 08/25/2019

At one point I had a chrome water pump on it. I didn't think about the strength of these units come pared to a regular aluminum water pump. But apparently they are not as strong. This is what happens when you shift at 6500 rpm and the front of the water pump lets go. I got lucky, when the fan went up into the hood it hit one of the heavy structural supports and didn't go through the hood. 84C8D13E-AE67-4380-944A-D5A18AF27D50.JPG 9D84EC94-16D9-4C59-88B3-40C57FC8CC1B.JPG621F22E5-3E72-4259-8F28-7A0E226D0CE7.JPGD6E48246-3824-4C7C-9F33-6316B656502A.JPGCA3DFA9A-9E90-492C-B4FC-60436239CCF1.JPG

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