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By: Randy 09/08/2019

Started to put things back into the car. Got the ECU mounted and the transmission and second WBO2 harness's are in the car. I can't put the main engine harness in until I get a grommet that is on order from Summit. I have not measured to see if the transmission harness is long enough to, I have a feeling it is going to be short and I will have to cut it to extend it.63A83DDB-E3FC-43BC-97AE-5B99E8A98BC8.jpg

This is the main engine harness.8BB37043-CAAC-45C5-9E37-580741A2252B.jpg76DC9143-C866-45DA-B86B-52D30FABD361.jpg45E37EB7-21D6-4173-BBF6-4BF6EE8E6779.jpg

Got the seats out of it. Will still have to get the carpet out.F6B1733E-0222-4307-B765-3EBF154DDFCA.jpg

The engine bay is ready to be wired up.919240A1-71D8-4CF0-B613-ABEE2161BE2E.jpg

There is a nice factory hole in the firewall that I can use to run the harness through.BA65670D-1128-480D-B893-BCFDEF23F731.jpg

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