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By: Randy 09/10/2019

I have been getting a little work done on the car. I got the ECU mounted in the trunk and the trans harness and second WBO2 harness are in. The trans harness will need to be lengthened a couple feet. There is a big factory hole in the firewall which will work good for the engine harness to go through. I am waiting on a grommet for it so I can't put the engine harness in just yet.9B40A5FE-B054-4D34-BF72-0882D266738F.jpgF5B2BEB1-A4E0-4345-B59E-A0718920CD8C.jpg8E15F815-BDF8-48F1-A5BF-23AD5A101871.jpg139C9F8C-90FA-49AA-9863-6CAAC7276B52.jpg288B0048-E649-4193-B98E-8A52252DCDB6.jpg330AAFE0-F35D-4502-B53F-5B8743DDAF76.jpg

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