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DSE Quadralink mods

By: Mike 09/14/2019

When installing the Quadralink into a 67-68 Cougar there are some modifications that need to be done.

#1 - the torque boxes need to be lengthened 3" because the Cougars wheelbase is 3" longer than the early model Mustang that this kit was designed for.

#2 - the top link frame mounts need to modified and new outside frame plates need to be made. See difference in photo .New pieces in the middle of photo. Once again this needs to be done because of the difference in wheelbase. The floorpan is slightly different also between the Cougar and Mustang.

The difference in wheelbase is between the back seat and rear wheelwell centerline .99836A0E-D55B-48D8-9FA6-30BFEC8E5594.jpg87BF3CDD-E2B1-459A-AE63-56FAE31A003C.jpgB57B0015-43B7-4B22-B649-B9B323350B0C.jpg

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