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08-14 Challenger Headlights

By: Mike 09/14/2019

Here's where I get some greef from some people online. "How can you do this ?" , "It's a Cougar , it's gotta have the hideaways" etc etc . I didn't care for them , they are heavy on the eye. They are a PITA to keep inline plus the whole setup weighs a ton. I really dig the new Challenger headlights and I thought that I could get them to work on the Cougar, I think they look great. I bought some on ebay and placed them under the knife to get them to fit . The rad support got cut up as well . Many hours were spent fabbing up a way to mount them. Once I had them where I wanted them and wired in , I had to come up with a grille and headlight surrounds.

Once again , many hours were spent thinking , cutting , tacking , shrinking/stretching , welding , starting over , installing , removing , swearing , drinking , I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. And when you come up with something you're very happy with , you've got to come up with a way to mount it and in a way where it's not a pain to remove and install and in a way where you can hide the fasteners. The only part that I wish I had done differently is the small panel just below the lights , I would like to have done a small beadroll but I had already bent a small flange underneath and it wouldn't fit in the beadroller. Oh well , I like it and that's all that matters.B7BF4140-6408-4257-BD83-51D6DA7C1E46.jpgE72DCDD4-B3BD-4A1A-8298-6E52EB80C2D9.jpgD31AD58D-1D96-4157-AF16-179A8061E341.jpgEF668D6C-2010-4104-860A-7E5AEA47C64E.jpg

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