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Power Tour 2019

By: Colin 06/20/2019

The 25th Anniversary of Power Tour turned out to be a smashing success. Project Rabid Fox was bestowed the Day 3 Magnet on Power Tour 2018, and while it made it to 3 of the stops.. that's just not the same thing as doing the coveted Long Haul. The engine survived with only a minor hickup on day 6, a burned plug wire was causing a misfire under load. A last minute trip to Autozone at 8:58 (they closed at 9), resulted in a fresh set of plugs that Matt Lunsford and Myself installed in the hotel parking lot in a matter of minutes. Luckily, I packed a few extra wires, one of which was the near perfect length, and after some ziptie magic, the 6.0L LS roared back to life. The drive from Norwalk, OH back to Bowling Green, KY turned out to be uneventful, with virtually no rain, manageable traffic, and hardly any construction,!



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