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Spit's 1971 MG MGB

Vehicle Story


Forth lover

By: Spit 12/01/2019

This car started as a four-cylinder vehicle probably rated around about 85 hp

after being used from 1971 it ended up being neglected

and was probably used as a glorified shopping cart on lovely summer days

as a typical British car of this time gremlins appeared in the electrical , making the car very unpredictable and not very enjoyable to drive anymore

I am not knowledgeable about the former two owners

but I got the car in parts

The gentleman I bought it from ,He acquired it from his Late Frends Wife

The two gentlemen have worked on the vehicle for quite some time back in the 2000s, The car had extensive body work done and a beautiful gold paint job

Believe the color was Olds Gold

as time went on one of the gentleman fell ill and passed away , Leaving the car in pieces and without any hope of it being put back together

The wife of the deceased decided that the vehicle should be assembled and was sold or given away to her husband‘s friend

as the vehicle was dropped off at his house he had ideas of turning it into a V-8 , and had plenty of great V-8’s to choose from

he decided to go with a 1963 all aluminum 215 Oldsmobile v8 , He gathered parts and started work

but as time went by he lost his Enthusiasm to complete the project

A friend of mine was looking through the classifieds to find parts for his MGB

upon picking up some parts he stumbled across this vehicle that was pushed aside , So you asked the gentleman what he was doing with it

The gentleman decided that he was going to sell it , my friend called me very quickly and spoke to me about it

I decided to go over and purchase the vehicle this happened in 2017

I assemble the car with the aluminum V8 then putting on a holly sniper fuel injection carburetor

The car ran with the LT 77 gearbox out of a rover Sedan

The car was a blast to drive around 230 hp it probably weighed a total of 2000 pounds

went to a couple of car shows But soon decided that the car needed to be more outlandish

so out came the 215 V8 with gearbox and started to prep the vehicle for the 406 small block Chevy

Will keep you posted

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