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Spit's 6.6 L MGB

1971 MG MGB

Base Small Block Chevy Swap


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  • Color: Gold
  • Horsepower: 488
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Car. 1971 Mgb convertible Weight. 2100 LB estimated Powered by 6.6 L SBC Horsepower estimated 450 to 500 horse at Fly wheel Carburetor. Holley sniper Transmission. 1985 Chevy TKO -600. 5009 gear box Radiator. 1965 three core aluminum performance radiator Fly wheel. 15 pound balanced aluminum Clutch stage one rated at 450 hp max Rear end. 8.8 mustang two , with drums Wheels Honda prelude 4 lug. 15 inch diameter 8 inch wide Suspension Leaf rear. Racing Coil front. With lever shocks. And adjustable gas shocks. Inch and a quarter sway bar upfront no sway bar on rear yet Gauges Speed hut gauges Seats. Mazda Miata.

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    Future Plans

    Upgrades Four link suspension with Chevy 12 bolt rear or Ford 9 inch rear end Fiberglass rear quarter panels to fit larger differential and tires Full roll cage Oh and air-conditioning

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    • Carlos

      That is a shoehorn. Looks great!
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    • Rachel

      Hi Spits, I'm trying to do the same thing. Did you make modifications to the steering rack or is it in the stock location? I'm hitting balancer. Rachel
    • Spit

      Yes I did have too I guess it depends on the year you have I heard that the 75 an app has a bigger engine bay When I installed the 355 in my friends 1975 car we didn’t have to change the steering I had to move the steering rack forward to miss the balancer Which now I am going to have to add a extra steering u joints and peace to go between the two The The angle of the shaft did change slightly as well I will try to put some photos up for people to see