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Doug's 1969 1/2 Dodge "A12" Super Bee

1969 Dodge Coronet

Super Bee 440/7.2L V8


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  • Color: Hemi Orange
  • Horsepower: 595
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Bought by my father April 29, 1969. This is no "Clone". Been in the family ever since. Growing up near Pamona Speedway during the 1970's, I remember well watching my Dad rocket down many tracks in this car. Back then running "Stock Class" not many would beat it. Today? It doesn't get raced much aside from an occasional stoplight to stoplight run. Hellcats never know what just left 'em behind. Car retains 100% numbers matching 440 H.P. block and 727 Hemi transmission. Dana 60 4:10-1 rear differential, and all sheet metal, aside from ONE repaint and a little rust work around rear window. Even have the Original "List" 6 Pack HOLLEY carbs, (Boxed up these days). I did replace all 3 with Holley's new 4144-1 & 2/4365 Outboard units. Only 1 rebuild to the 440 included a Lunati 293/.552 camshaft, factory shotpeened magnafluxed rods, forged crank & aluminum Edelbrock 6 Pack Intake & 4,500 RPM Stall Converter. Switched from ponts to electronic ignition, the 51 year old beast fires up without motor doing one revolution or ANY blue smoke. Probably thanks to 11.5:1 compression. No headers, 2-1/2" exhaust black bucket/console interior,WM23 HARDTOP, Original Fiberglass "Lift Off Hood" ordered with an a.m. 8 Track tape radio makes this a 1 of 4 built with these options.! V2 Hemi Orange paint with V2 Hemi Orange top. Most wanted the SLOWER overall 4-Speed "Hurst" with a bench seat. In all actuality an automatic turned quicker times. And YES, the "440 Six Pack" would almost always BEAT a 426 Hemi in the 1/8th or 1/4 mile, in a Stock Class race. The A12 Road Runners and Super Bees were a "Purpose Built" car, NO power steering, power brakes with DRUM BRAKES on all 4 corners these were only built to do ONE thing, WIN. And? 90% of the time they DID.

    Completed Modifications

    Cooling (1)
    Fuel System (3)

    Future Plans

    Change NOTHING. Car will STAY the way it was built. No digital dash, goofy wiring harness melting radio or 5,000 Amp alternator. The 'Ol Man would have wanted it that way. And that is how it WILL remain as long as I own it. MoPar or No Car.

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