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Ross's Grandpa Mike’s Truck

1991 Ford F-150

XLT Lariat 302/5.0L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Blue
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

The truck belonged to my grandfather, then my father and now me. It’s been garage kept since my grandfather bought it used with one previous owner in Florida. It’s stock under the hood and has been cleaned weekly while my father and grandfather had it. My father put a lift kit and bigger tires on it.

Future Plans

I plan to lose the lift and big tires. It’s too clean to be taken anywhere that requires the lift and tires and it’s RWD. I want to put some wider street tires on it and change the gears. It would make a nice clean cruise-in truck I believe. I don’t want it to go fast, just want plenty of torque and a good sound. We’ll see what happens.

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