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1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler - Gen III Hemi Swap

In 1987, Jeep gave the world a CJ-7 that you could live with every day. The YJ Wrangler received modern advancements like ABS, automatic transmissions, and fuel injection to make living with your off-road legend easier on a day-to-day basis. If the old, reliable inline-4 or inline-6 isn't quite enough, check out our Gen III Hemi swap parts below to give your Wrangler a firebreathing Mopar heart.

Step 1: Engine and Transmission Mounts

  • Add V8 Power & Torque with a Gen III Hemi Engine in Your Jeep Wrangler YJ Using This Engine Swap System
  • Recommended Engine is 2003-2008 5.7L Hemi Truck Engine w/ 545RFE Transmission & NP231J Transfer Case
  • Reuses Factory Skid Plate / Transmission Crossmember
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Step 2: Exhaust System

  • 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust System
  • 3" Exhaust is High-Tuck Design to Clear Any Obstacles when Off-Road & Enough Flow to Handle Gen III Hemi Engine
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Step 3: Accessory Drives

  • Mid-Mount Accessory Drive Systems Pull the Accessories in Tight for Extra Clearance & Reduce Power Steering Pressure to Avoid Damage to the Steering Box
  • Factory Car Accessory Drive Systems Can be Modified with Alternator Relocation Kits (for extra Clearance) and Power Steering Kits to Reduce Power Steering Pressure (to Avoid Damage to Steering Box)
  • Fits Gen III Hemi 5.7L, 6.1L, and 6.4L Engines
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Step 4: Terminator X and X Max

  • Standalone Plug and Play Engine Control for Gen III Hemi engines
  • Terminator X Features Real-Time Fuel Learn, High Impedance Injector Drivers, Integrated 1bar MAP Sensor & 4 Programmable Inputs and Outputs
  • Chrysler 46RE Automatic Transmission Control - With Terminator X Max & Optional Transmission Harness
  • Inputs & Outputs Are Ideal for Electric Fans, Boost Control Solenoids, Progressive Nitrous Control & More
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