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Total control

  • Jeep® specific tuning for 3.8L, 3.6L and even the 2.0L Turbo with dyno proven power gains you’ll actually feel from the drivers seat
  • Responsive 5 inch high definition touchscreen with an integrated light sensitivity sensor to make it readable under any conditions
  • Calibrate for tire and gear ratio changes
  • View and clear DTCs
  • Calibrate TPMS sensors
  • Live data monitoring and logging
  • Compatible with EAS accessories for even more capability
  • Improved processor for blazing fast tune write times
  • Wi-Fi capability makes software updates a breeze

The Superchips TrailDash 3 is designed specifically to withstand the rigors of Jeep® ownership.

Built for Crawlin'

  • Vehicle Pitch & Roll
  • Front & Rear Differential Lock
  • Swaybar Quick Connect
  • Line Lock
  • Rock Lock
  • TPMS Adjust
  • Engine idle speed
  • Control of up to four u