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Nitrous Oxide Systems technical support

NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems
Motorcycle Fogger

Motorcycle Fogger Guide

Bottle Temperature Information

Bottle Temperature Information

Selecting A Fuel Pump for Nitrous

Selecting A Fuel Pump for your Nitrous kit

Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements

Motorcycle Plumbing Information

Information for Plumbing your Motorcycle

Types of Nitrous Systems

Types of Nitrous Systems

Typical Plumbing Diagrams

Diagrams for Typical Plumbing

Regulator Settings For Nitrous

Regulator Settings for your Nitrous Oxide System

Tuning Technical Information

Technical Information on Tuning your Nitrous Kit

NOS Mini 2-Stage Controller Software
Legacy NOS Controller Software
Launcher Firmware

Latest Firmware update for the NOS Launcher Controller

Launcher Firmware Instructions

Instructions on how to update the firmware in the NOS Launcher controller.

Launcher Software

NOS Launcher software (ID numbers 1200 and higher or units updated with Holley USB Driver)

Launcher Software

NOS Launcher software (ID numbers 1199 and lower)

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