Hays offers everything from complete high-performance clutch kits to discs, pressure plates, and flywheels for many applications. Whatever the driveline need, Hays has you covered.

How to Choose a Clutch


  • Hays has great products such as the Street 450, Street 650, Dragon Claw, Classic, Diesel 650, and Diesel 850
  • Single Disc and Dual Disc clutch kits available for a variety of cars and trucks
  • Flexplates along with Aluminum or Steel Flywheels
  • Clutch Forks, Adjustment Rods, Pivot Ball Studs, Clutch Fork Springs available
  • Clutch discs for the street or the track
  • Diaphragm pressure plates, Borg & Beck pressure plates, Long-style pressure plates and street/strip pressure plates