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Why EFI?

Holley EFI is the perfect choice for your next fuel injection conversion, its closed loop tuning capabilities, easy to use software and parts availability make it a no brainer! Rely on the kits that the pro’s use, that’s right, ARCA, NASCAR trucks, NHRA Pro Stock and more all utilize Holley EFI for their tuning needs. From road racing, to circle track, off-road and drag racing, Holley’s fuel injection can be utilized in a variety of applications. Features such as boost control, transmission tuning and up to eight stages of nitrous come standard on HP & Dominator ECU’s. Make the switch to Holley EFI and find out just how easy it is to control your ride!
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    Air & Fuel Delivery

    Holley is the source for your air and fuel system upgrades! From carburetors to the latest in EFI fuel injection systems and fuel pumps. We have your products from air cleaners to fuel tanks and everything in between.