Racepak Data Logger Comparison

Data LoggerDigital/RPMV-Net (CAN)High Speed AnalogDedicated  Smartwire PortInternal G-Meter Upgradable  V-Net ChannelsBuilt In EFI Interface
Sportsman46 4 Req's p/n: 230-VM-4ANA7HSNo Accel & Lateral Up to 18 Max No
V300SD472**4No Accel & Lateral No No
V500SD8564Yes Accel & Lateral No No
IQ3 Logger Dash142N/ANo Accel, Lateral, Vert No No
IQ3 Drag Logger Dash46 4 Req's p/n: 230-VM-4ANA7HSNoNo Up to 18 MaxYes
IQ3 Street Logger Dash232N/ANoNo NoYes
G2X Pro4568No Accel & lateral No No
SC10004NON/ANo Accel on later modelsN/A No
V3004324No Accel & lateral No No
V5008328No Accel & lateral No No
LDX Logger Dash232N/ANoNo No No
G2X218 4 Req's p/n: 230-VM-4ANA7HSNo Accel & lateral No No

**Requires firmware level 61 on newer processor boards

Note: Digital / RPM channels are inbetted into the data logger. Some of the channels are taken up by recorder functions like "Record Button, Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM"

Note: all units Voltage Requirements 12-18 volts

Data Logging Displays

Application Chart

Drag Race
Top Fuel Dragster
Fuel Funny Car
Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster
Nostalgia Funny Car
Alcohol Dragster / Funny Car
Unblown Fuel Dragster (A/Fuel)
Unblown Alcohol Dragster (Jr. Fuel)
Pro Mod, Blown or Nitrous
Pro Stock Car
Competition Eliminator, Blown
Competition Eliminator, Unblown
Super Stock, Stock, Brackets
Motorcycle, Blown Fuel
Motorcycle, Nitrous
Motorcycle, Pro Stock
Drag Boat , Blown Fuel
Drag Boat , Blown Gas or Alcohol
Drag Boat , Unblown Gas or Alcohol
Boat, Unlimited
Boat, Circle
Boat, Offshore
Super Stock
Unlimited Modified
Closed Course
Road Racing
Club/Track Days
Oval Track, NASCAR style
Oval Track, Short Track style
Land Speed Racing
Road Racing
Off Road
Short Course
Long Course
Flow Bench
Clutch Dyno
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  • Closed Course
  • Drag Racing
  • Karting
  • Land Speed
  • Off Road
  • Pro Drag Racing
  • Pulling
  • Street
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    Data Loggers

    Racepak data recorders are the most common recorder for NHRA. In any racing environment Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Accel G, Lateral G, Battery Voltage, is mission-critical information and can be the only difference from in the money, to on the trailer. When your race program is on the line, Racepak Data Logging is a must-have!