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Vantage CL1 Data Logger

  • Merging of mobile, data and instrumentation technologies into the most advanced, yet user friendly data system available.
  • Monitor up to 4 analog channels, such as Engine RPM, Jackshaft RPM, Engine Coolant Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, and more!
  • Bluetooth compatible with iOS (Apple), or Android operating systems
  • Firmware Auto-Update features, uses your cellular network to automatically update the firmware anytime the device is powered up, for free!

The Most Compact Data logger!

Vantage CL2 - for OBD2 or Standalone EFI Track Cars!

  • The Vantage CL2 can take your track day weapon to the next level, simply plug it into your OBD2 port, or Universal EFI Adapter, mount the GPS antenna, and start dialing in your race program.
  • The D3 app provides complete instrumentation for the driver, wirelessly gathering OBD2 or EFI sensor data from the CL2 and records the information, all while streaming data to your secure Racepak cloud account.
  • On track data can be viewed LIVE or LATER, from any internet connected mobile device running the Racepak D3 app or directly on the mobile device paired with the CL2.
  • Driver dash information, data recording and cloud streaming is all automated, making for a hands off user experience.

OBD2 Data Logging - Zero Wiring.

Vantage Cloud Technology

Mobile Technology Based

Modern mobile phones and tablets are highly advanced and very rugged electronic devices, engineered to withstand tremendous abuse by the average consumer. Racepak’s D3 app utilizes the extraordinary processing power, high resolution display and internal wireless capabilities of mobile devices, to deliver the most advanced system on the market. A vehicle mounted D3 app equipped mobile phone functions as a wireless receiver for the CL1 or CL2 data box sensors, data recorder, on-track instrumentation, data analysis device and when cellular activated, automatically uploads all data to the users Racepak cloud account for real time or post run outing data review.

Data Analysis Redefined

Racepak’s D3 data analysis app represents an entirely new concept in data analysis. Designed from the ground up for use on tablets and mobile phones, no longer are users confined to traditional mouse, point and click single dimensional data. Instead data now comes to life with gaming inspired TouchMap 3D track mapping capabilities using touch, pinch and swipe commands, map overlays and high resolution graphing analysis allowing you to easily understand where driver and vehicle performance gains can be found. Data is stored locally on the mobile phone device mounted on the vehicle, ready for immediate review, or available remotely with Racepak’s optional AIR Cloud technology.

Data on Demand

The 21st century world is one of wireless connectivity, anytime anywhere. Racepak now brings this same connected convenience to the track day marketing. The use of a vehicle mounted, D3 equipped cellular enabled mobile phone provides the ability to stream live, on track data to your personal Racepak cloud account, which is then viewable from any internet connected D3 equipped mobile device, anywhere in the world. From your trackside crew to your engine builder located across the country, the ability to view live or previously recorded data provides a tremendous winning advantage.

Onboard Instrumentation

The graphics capabilities of a modern mobile phone provides unparalleled information to the driver. Beyond OBD2 and 8 external sensors information, the D3 app provides high resolution information to the driver, through the use of a vehicle mounted cellphone Bluetooth paired with the CL1 orCL2 data box.

Racepak Cloud Subscription

Racepak’s exclusive cloud technology is designed to provide safe, secure and seamless access to all your stored data, utilizing the latest in commercial, enterprise level remote server technology.

Get up to 2 remote users and cloud storage of all your run data accessible anywhere with a WiFi or cellular connection.

Register your device and subscribe to the Racpak cloud Here!

Racepak D3 App

The D3 app utilizes the familiar touch, swipe and pinch functions of mobile devices, providing the most advanced, yet user friendly data analysis experience available. Program up to 12 OBD2 inputs, along with four digital and four analog inputs, sample rates, channel names and much more through the intuitive app interface.

D3 app now available on the App Store and Google Play for phones and tablets.

Apple App Store Android App Store

Tech and Support

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    The Racepak Vantage series of data loggers consists of the most powerful, versatile, and compact technology on the market today. CL1 Kits are perfect for Jr. Dragster, Karting, or Track Day/Autocross workhorses. Whereas the CL2 is plug and play with most OBD2 equipped vehicles, allowing you to install a multi-channel data logger in seconds, without terminating a single wire!