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How To Choose a Carbureted Intake Manifold

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  • My intake is designed for a square or spread bore carburetor I am currently using a square bore carburetor and have a problem with a vacuum leak at the base what should I do?
    You will need to run a # 9006 sealing plate. It is around 1/16" thick.
  • I want to run a carb spacer with your intake. what is better open center or four hole?
    Results will vary from application to application. However on average a four hole spacer will emphasize low to mid throttle response open center will accentuate the top end. Phenolic spacer will help reduce the chances of percolation.
  • My intake manifold does not sit low enough in the intake valley to install the bolts why?
    At some point either your heads and or block were surface milled resulting in a narrower intake valley. Your intake will need to be machined accordingly to