Hays Dragon Claw Clutches

By: Jeremy Stoermer07/25/2016 < Back to Blog Home
We all wish we could have the best of both worlds. How would you like to have the clamping force of a race clutch with the drivability of a street clutch? The new Dragon Claw 1150 clutches from Hays can give you just that. The new lever assisted dual disc clutches are tearing up the performance clutch market. Dragon claw clutches can withstand the high torque produced by forced induction engines generating up to 1150 lb.-ft. of torque, while virtually eliminating the stiff pedal feel typically associated with race clutches. Look for our three disc version capable of handling 1500 lb.-ft. of torque in the near future.

Dragon Claw Clutches utilize a diaphragm style pressure plate in combination with the patented lever assist technology. The diaphragm design gives you a near stock clutch pedal feel for street use but with the holding power of a race clutch. With the unique lever assist design, as engine RPM increases, Centrifugal force swings the levers outward multiplying the holding pressure applied to the clutch plates. This results in a clamping force that holds under extreme conditions where many of the competitor’s clutches fail.

Dragon Claw kits come complete with flywheels machined from aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum. The high quality diaphragm style pressure plate features an aircraft grade 7075 T6 aluminum cover. Clutch discs utilize sprung hub centers providing smoother engagement, less drivetrain noise, and longer transmission life. Dragon Claw clutch discs feature cryogenically treated springs, this patented process increases durability and reduces failures due to fatigue. Dragon Claw clutches use a specially formulated ceramic friction material, eliminating the need for any break-in period.

The use of high quality aluminum components helps sheds the pounds. A complete Dragon Claw 2 disc clutch assembly weighs as little as 35 lbs. We even include an installation alignment tool and fastening hardware ensuring that you get properly matched components to reduce installation headaches.

But best of all they are 100% American made!

Dragon claw clutch kits and hays clutch components are available anywhere Holley products are sold!