MSD Coils

Designed by MSD to improve spark energy and improve efficiency.


  • Coil technology produces incredible voltage and high current
  • Efficient windings and material produce incredible voltage
  • Lighting quick rise time and lengthy duration

Weighing in at 3.75 lbs, the Pro Power HVC II Coil PN 8261 is built completely in-house and the most powerful coil available for your MSD 7 and 8-series ignition!

Compare The Facts

The chart below will give you a good starting point in choosing the right coil for your ignition system. If you have any questions regarding coil selection, please contact our experts at (915) 855-7123.

  Blaster 2,
3 Series
Blaster SS
PN 8207
HEI Coil
PN 8225
Blaster GM,
Ford and OEM Coils
Blaster HVC
PN 8252
Pro Power
PN 8201
Pro Power HVC
PN 8251
Blaster HVCII
PN 8253
PN 8261
HVC Coil
PN 8250
Factory Points* or Electronic Ignition X X X X            
MSD HEI Module PN 83647 X** X** X              
MSD 6A, 6AL, 6ALN, 6AL-2, 6 BTM X X X X X     X    
Digital 6AL-2, Digital-6 Plus, Programmable 6AL-2 X X X X X     X    
6 HVC Professional Racing Ignitions                   X
MSD 7AL-2 Plus, 7AL-3 X X     X X X   X  
Digital-7 Series         X   X   X  
Power Grid             X   X  
MSD 8           X X   X  

*Points require a ballast resistor, supplied with PN 8200 and PN 8203
** When used with modified cover PN 8401

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